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Comedy Bronze 008 – E3 Grouchtacular

Comedy Bronze 008 Superbunnyhop’s E3 video pretty much summarises my views, and I probably ladled on a little more bile than most of the developers really deserve. E3 has grown so huge it’s like a bowling ball on the rubber … Continue reading

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Comedy Bronze 007 – Christopher Lee Kicks a Start

We have completed another comedy bronze, let me show it to you Comedy Bronze 007 In an incredible twist of timing, literally days after we recorded this Sony put up a stupefyingly dishonest Kickstarter for Shenmue 3. The goal of … Continue reading

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Review: Dungeon Defenders

Don’t buy Dungeon Defenders, it’s bad. Wait, come back. Trendy Entertainment’s brave attempt to blend tower-defence and third-person action adventure gameplay is admittedly, a total mess, but it’s a mess for some interesting reasons. Dungeon Defenders borrows its basic gameplay … Continue reading

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Pathfinding in a 2D platformer

I am making a game. I’m not ready to talk about what it’s going to be like or what my aims for it are. It’s still in the very early stages of development and I may never finish it and … Continue reading

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Comedy Bronze Continues! (#3 – #6)

The podcast has been continuing on a weekly basis since my last post (all episodes available here), and seems likely to continue for the indefinite future. I’ll be doing individual writeups for episodes from now on, but thought I would … Continue reading

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Ruining Magic: The Gathering Part 1

I play a lot of Magic: The Gathering, mostly the Commander format with a regular playgroup (which I gather is pretty atypical as magic experiences go). The great thing about Magic is a fact that it has a 200-page rule … Continue reading

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