Comedy Bronze 007 – Christopher Lee Kicks a Start

We have completed another comedy bronze, let me show it to you

Comedy Bronze 007

In an incredible twist of timing, literally days after we recorded this Sony put up a stupefyingly dishonest Kickstarter for Shenmue 3. The goal of $2 million that was way, way too little to make such an ambitious game and the entire thing was a stunt to tie in with their reveal at E3.
I’m not sure who started this trend of asking for nonsense money on Kickstarter, but I’m gonna go ahead and blame Chris Roberts. Because I like blaming Chris Roberts for things. Star Citizen is certainly the first one I noticed that had a significant amount of private funding above and beyond the Kickstarter earnings, and that used the Kickstarter interest to secure this funding.
I don’t think there is a practical way for Kickstarter to stop this from happening, if I ask for $100 to make Doom 4 and then actually go and do it than as far as Kickstarter is concerned I have filled my obligations to backers and everything is great.
I briefly mention Dungeon Defenders, and I just remembered that I hated it so much I wrote a scathing review of it that was originally published in that bastion of good journalism, my TAFE newspaper. It’s really an awful game.
Out of morbid curiosity I’ve purchased both Kane and Lynch games in the Steam sale for a couple of bucks apiece, look forward to an article that will probably just decry the same things everyone else decried. Maybe I’ll find something redeeming in them. Probably not.


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