Comedy Bronze 017 – Encyclopedia Brownze

Comedy Bronze

Comedy Bronze 017 – Encyclopedia Brownze

I’d like to apologise to KA Applegate; I was thinking about someone else when I accused her of duping fans. She did have a lot of the second half of the series ghostwritten, but she paid for it and credited people. She also admits to being a pain in the arse to work with:

I’m not insane, There is a video game called Pandemic where you are a disease.

Duke Nukem forever is, honestly, barely a game. I have this weird moment of clarity every six months or so where I realise that Gearbox is an acclaimed Triple-A publisher/developer despite having only released maybe two good games ever. I mean look at this shit.

The one-two punch of DNF and Aliens: colonial Marines should have made it impossible for anyone to take them seriously, but they trundle merrily on.

Derek Smart is mad at Chris Roberts and I hope they both explode.

Rising Thunder is here:

It’s an alpha with a fairly low population so it’s hard to make statements about the state of the game that are not based on wild speculation. That said,  when you go up against a maximum rank Crow who obviously has no idea how to play the game you can draw some conclusions about the character.

Here’s my two cents on all the characters:

Dauntless – easy combos, decent damage, pretty much no ability to apply or escape pressure. She kind of sucks but I love her.

Crow – ridiculous pressure and super unfair mixups, basically you guess wrong twice and you’re dead. On the plus side he can’t escape pressure so if he guesses wrong twice he is dead. This is fair?

Edge – are any of this guy’s moves punishable? What a jerk.

Vlad – play this guy, no one else does so you’ll win every match. Also his instant overheads are basically unblockable in even moderate lag so you get lots of free damage.

Chell – Best projectile in the game, best uppercut in the game, is actually at an advantage when getting up against most characters. Character most likely to be secretly terrible once everyone figures her tricks out.

Talos – grappler, huge damage, specialises in mixups where there is only one right answer and you have 1/60 of a 2nd to figure it out.


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