Comedy Bronze 008 – E3 Grouchtacular

Comedy Bronze 008

Superbunnyhop’s E3 video pretty much summarises my views, and I probably ladled on a little more bile than most of the developers really deserve. E3 has grown so huge it’s like a bowling ball on the rubber sheet of the year, pulling man-hours and resources into it that could be spent so much better elsewhere. Yes I learned everything I know about space-time mechanics from Sphere. Patrick Klepek wrote an interesting article on how these trailers and “live demos” work, and I find it pretty stunning that so much effort and money is spent on what is essentially deceptive marketing for an as-yet-incomplete product.

Also I was misremembering this article when talking about Young Justice, it was actually cancelled for attracting an audience slightly older than the one they wanted. Freaking unbelievable.

To draw the curtain back for a moment, we don’t really know what we’re doing and are just kind of making this up as we go along. But this week I have learned that open-ended quiz questions do not make for terribly good listening, sorry about that. I think my Batman Beyond fanfiction one was actually the most well-constructed, which not coincidentally required only binary responses from the unfortunate victim/Sean. Way easier than trying to remember 11 goddamn characters from a 14-year-old film. So yeah, more of that.

Also this is the last time I will ever subject you to the horror of me not using a pop screen. I assure you that every exhalation, while painful for you, had at least two far worse brothers that I squelched in the editing process. Pop screens from now on.


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