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GameMaker:Studio Basic UDP

I’m writing this because, as far as I can tell, nobody else has. It’s non-comprehensive and probably inaccurate, its only purpose is to explain the minimum necessary setup for UDP communication in GM:S. I learned this yesterday, fair warning. Example … Continue reading

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Magic Musings: Grenzo, The Dungeon Warden

The Legendary supertype has always been a bit of an odd duck in Magic. For fluff purposes it denotes a character, object or location that exists in whichever story the current block is telling, but for gameplay purposes it’s usually … Continue reading

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Comedy Bronze 009 – Monopoly Hobo

Comedy Bronze 009 Youtube has quite a lot of footage of the old Hobbit stage play, if you are interested. Here is some Smaug if you just want to get to the money shot Here are the Gods and Monsters … Continue reading

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Review: Dungeon Defenders

Don’t buy Dungeon Defenders, it’s bad. Wait, come back. Trendy Entertainment’s brave attempt to blend tower-defence and third-person action adventure gameplay is admittedly, a total mess, but it’s a mess for some interesting reasons. Dungeon Defenders borrows its basic gameplay … Continue reading

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Hit Confirm your Ultras!

I made this a couple of years ago. In Street FIghter IV, Gouken’s parry works on a lot of supers which, although they go through focus attacks, aren’t actually armour-breaking. After all that work I managed to miss one, let … Continue reading

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Review: Spelunky

To understand Spelunky, one has to know a little bit of history.

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Review: Minecraft

I got screwed over by a cow today. I was minding my own business, setting up a railway station like you do, and I needed a power source. So I built a perpetual motion machine out of mine carts and … Continue reading

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