Comedy Bronze 014 – Sean Ruins Everything

Comedy Bronze

Comedy Bronze 014 – Sean Ruins Everything

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Comedy Bronze 013 – Saddle Up, Civil Starships!

Comedy Bronze

Comedy Bronze 013 – Saddle Up, Civil Starships!

Civil War, Star Citizen and some third thing probably.

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Comedy Bronze 012 – Ant Man ants a Man Ant

Comedy Bronze

Comedy Bronze 012 – Ant Man ants a Man Ant

This week is all about ANT MAN! We SPOIL EVERYTHING! But it doesn’t matter because the film is enjoyable anyway. Crap, did I just blow our thesis in the description? Chris mumbles about Adobe Flash for some damn reason and also Ant Man.

Full show notes below.

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Comedy Bronze 011 – Vegetable Perlman has a Feeling

Comedy BronzeComedy Bronze 011 – Vegetable Perlman has a Feeling

Comedy Bronze continues into episode 11! One day I will have a blog post that does not start with a small mountain of embedded YouTube videos, but today is not that day:

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Magic Musings: Grenzo, The Dungeon Warden

The Legendary supertype has always been a bit of an odd duck in Magic. For fluff purposes it denotes a character, object or location that exists in whichever story the current block is telling, but for gameplay purposes it’s usually just a drawback with (often) no matching advantage. Exactly how much of a drawback depends on the era in the game’s history you’re talking about:

Original rule: once a legendary permanent is in play, no permanent with the same name may come into play.

Kamigawa rule: if two legendary permanents share a name, both are destroyed.

Current rule: if you put a legendary permanent into play and you (not your opponent) already have a permanent of the same name, you choose which one is destroyed while the other lives.

NB: “destroyed” here actually meansĀ  “is put into the graveyard as a state-based effect.” Magic!

You can see there is usually not much benefit to being legendary, and it can be kind of a pain in the arse. Things changed when Wizards officially endorsed the Commander format, which allows a single legendary creature to be used as an always available resource. Any legendary creatures printed after Commander was adopted should at least have had some thought put into how they would perform as commanders. In this light, Grenzo doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

still grenzo


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Comedy Bronze 010 – Warm Fuzzies

Comedy BronzeComedy Bronze 010 – Warm Fuzzies

Chris is tired, and tired Chris apparently loves everything. Who knew?

FTL is a cool game, but I think your brain has to work a certain way for you to enjoy it. Its biggest problem is that there are limited ways you can aim for victory but legion opportunities to guarantee defeat. Here’s a review from someone who enjoyed it a good deal less that I did, and every point he makes is totally valid.

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Comedy Bronze 009 – Monopoly Hobo

Comedy Bronze 009

Youtube has quite a lot of footage of the old Hobbit stage play, if you are interested. Here is some Smaug if you just want to get to the money shot

Here are the Gods and Monsters shorts if you’d like to play watch-a-long at home:

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