Comedy Bronze 015 – Reed Richards Secret Dragon

Comedy Bronze

Comedy Bronze 015 – Reed Richards Secret Dragon

00:00 Fantastic 4 is hilariously bad. Here’s yahtzee laughing at its poster:

35:00  Talking about BINK VIDEO! To really put things in perspective, this was around 2003 or so. The Internet wasn’t quite good enough for video piracy (at least mine wasn’t) so I mostly got films and things from people handing around CD’s. However, the insane proliferation of video codecs was well underway and getting anything to play at all was a miracle. The idea of video files that played themselves was so close to magic that I could hardly believe it. The Internet at large eventually settled on a few different formats (and VLC exists now), but I sometimes think wistfully of an alternate universe where all our videos were .exe files. And full of viruses, because using executables for videos is obviously nuts.


42:00 Sean is Fired

42:30 I don’t begrudge Sean’s desire to copulate with dragons, but I wish he would be honest with himself rather than mess around with this “I want to play a dragon videogame” nonsense. That said, this sure is one hot dragon.

Dragon games:

59:00 Sean is wrong about deviantart

59:30 Steerage!

I’ll write more about steerage when we manage to record a full episode of it.


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