Comedy Bronze 014 – Sean Ruins Everything

Comedy Bronze

Comedy Bronze 014 – Sean Ruins Everything

14 weeks and Comedy Bronze is still going… Strong?
New 52 reviews might be my favourite feature. They are so easy!
“Did this thing you read three years ago suck?”
“Like a hypothetical 4th Matrix film directed by Roland Emmerich.”
“Awesome, next!”

Oh great, I’ve accidentally outed myself as a My Chemical Romance fan. I also like Aqua, figure I may as well get all of my embarrassing musical tastes out the open. And American Idiot-era Green Day. And the three seconds of every dubstep song where the artist says something and then the drop happens. Nothing before or after though.


I cannot emphasise enough how staggering a miscalculation DC made with its treatment of Starfire and Artemis. We haven’t even gotten to Artemis yet, but we will.

SGDQ is great and I love it here is a VODs list. Gotta go fast.

I’m not actually sure that Monkey Island 3 is all that good of a game, but damn it has some nice music.

While writing up this post I remembered that what I wanted to talk about was Bink Video, we’ll save that till next time.

Sean is wrong about Pokemon, even his example is nonsense. The three legendary birds from Gen 1 are named thusly:
Artic-uno (ice -one)
Zap-dos (lightning – two)
Mol-tres (fire – three)
Man, I love winning arguments a week after they happened.

HAH! I did say SNES!

Here’s that emulator article:
The “mid-scanline-whatever” stuff I was struggling to articulate is related to the fact that old consoles assume the use of a CRT television while virtually all emulators will be running on LCD screens (and even if they weren’t, the video output from your PC is completely different to the output from a SNES). Simulating analogue video is a massive technical hurdle.
There is a great book called Racing The Beam that goes into the kind of insanity that Atari 2600 programmers had to perform in order to get things to work, I strongly recommend it.

I don’t have a lot to add to our discussion of modern animation, other than to affirm my total ignorance once again. But I did hear an interesting counterpoint recently: it’s not necessarily just that technology has made animation easier and more consistent, is also the fact that TV budgets now are much larger than they were 20 years ago. Producers can simply afford to do things that were impossible in the past because they would have cost too damn much.

At this point in my life I am almost positive that Rob Liefeld felt is a lovely person, one who brings joy to everyone he meets and has a wide circle of friends who all have wonderful things to say about him. If we ever meet I’m sure he will give me a broad smile, shake me by the hand and assure me that there are no hard feelings. I believe all these things because the only way that the collective crime against art commonly known as “comic books in the 90s” could be any worse is if it was perpetrated, without malice, by a genuinely nice person.

But even if it’s not true I’m sure I’ll find some way to CARRY OOOOOONNNNN


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