Comedy Bronze 012 – Ant Man ants a Man Ant

Comedy Bronze

Comedy Bronze 012 – Ant Man ants a Man Ant

This week is all about ANT MAN! We SPOIL EVERYTHING! But it doesn’t matter because the film is enjoyable anyway. Crap, did I just blow our thesis in the description? Chris mumbles about Adobe Flash for some damn reason and also Ant Man.

Full show notes below.

The biggest takeaway here is that low expectations make for enjoyable movies. I pretty much stopped caring about Ant-Man once Edgar Wright was no longer involved, and I was very pleasantly surprised to discover that it was pretty much okay.

Here Tony Zhou on Edgar Wright:

Ant-Man doesn’t really use any of these techniques, which is a shame. It’s a dialogue – heavy movie and a lot of the conversation scenes are shot in a fairly boring manner. It’s not Attack Of The Clones bad, but it’s a definite weakness in an otherwise strong film.

I said DC and I meant Marvel. I do this constantly and I’m not going to stop.

Hank Pym is kind of a scumbag, mostly in the Ultimate Universe, Marvel very wisely chose not to bring this up in the film.

Hang on. The nuclear forces are extremely powerful, maybe being embiggened would not make you fragile? I’m probably wrong, but I definitely put more thought into this than the writers did. Being enlarged without having mass added would make you very light though, so that dog-sized ant should be bouncing around like a balloon.

Warren Ellis is great and his run on Moon Knight is also great.

I don’t know why Sean is defending what is an objectively terrible storytelling decision, so I’ll just reiterate my point: there exists a non-zero quantity of people who watch Agents Of Shield who have no interest in watching Marvel’s movies. Leaving important information out of the show (which could have been explained in a two minute recap) is essentially a “fuck you” to those people. There is no reason to do this other than to be a dick.

Haha, Newgrounds somehow continues to be a thing. Every time I go back I am

  1. Shocked by how little has changed
  2. Reminded that Egoraptor is, without a doubt, the most influential animator of the last decade.

The flash – like piece of software I was groping for is Toon Boom, and its reach is greater than I could ever have imagined.




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