Comedy Bronze 010 – Warm Fuzzies

Comedy BronzeComedy Bronze 010 – Warm Fuzzies

Chris is tired, and tired Chris apparently loves everything. Who knew?

FTL is a cool game, but I think your brain has to work a certain way for you to enjoy it. Its biggest problem is that there are limited ways you can aim for victory but legion opportunities to guarantee defeat. Here’s a review from someone who enjoyed it a good deal less that I did, and every point he makes is totally valid.

Here is the Paul Hogan Olympics sketch I was talking about:

The more I think about it the more I am convinced that the “England gets silver medal in 500m complaining” thing is from a Monty Python episode, but I’m damned if I’ll wade through that in order to find it. (I don’t think Flying Circus is very good most of the time)

Arkham Knight’s PC woes are exhaustively captured by Mr Jim Sterling.

I dont know why scarecrow burnt his face. Perhaps BURNT FACE MAN:

Related: this video originally appeared on Newgrounds a million years ago, and flash video didn’t even have the ability to display full-screen yet. So why the hell is it in a 4:3 aspect ratio? Only David Firth knows for sure.

Invincible is great, here’s a link to the reboot announcement: I think it will probably not suck.

One of the best things about having a crap memory is that you get to go on exciting treasure hunts to try and locate something on the Internet years after you’ve forgotten where it was or who wrote it. So it was for the crossover rules I vaguely refer to in this episode, which I eventually determined were written by Dwayne McDuffie (part one, part two). I found them from his article on The Grand Unifying St Elsewhere Theory, which is well worth your time.

I’m going to do a longer write-up on Civil War and comic book crossovers in general (especially once we get to the Teen Titans part of the new 52 reviews) but let me just leave you with one anecdote from Civil War:

Right after the registration act is announced, Tony Stark hosts a gathering at Avengers Tower of concerned superheroes. This meeting is shown in several of the Civil War tie-in books and every time we flash back to it there is a different group of people in the room. I think the number of characters actually increases with each depiction and what started as a fairly small gathering turns into San Diego Comic Con in a penthouse apartment. This is pretty silly.

My current working theory is that all the problems of Civil War are caused by the fact that Reed Richards is a horrible arsehole; a theory I will back up with RHETORIC and SHOUTING.

Here is the Minecraft: Story Mode trailer, Sean forgot to mention that the game is apparently packed full of characters (presumably representing other players in a multi-player server). It looks pretty charming.

Red Ash is actually more significant than I thought it was. Both it and Mighty no. 9 are essentially a giant “fuck you” to Capcom over their inability to bring Mega Man games to market without prematurely cancelling them. In the same way that Mighty no. 9 was the spiritual successor to the main series Mega Man games that Capcom no longer felt like making, Red Ash is the spiritual successor to Mega Man Legends which Capcom so impressively cancelled because fans didn’t want it enough. Capcom are the worst.


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